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SR Kruger IT Solutions (PTY) Ltd was founded in 1991, but only registered in 2011, with the mission of simplifying and strengthening the use of computer and networking technology for small and medium size businesses. Back in the nineties, we helped companies automate operations and share data in innovative ways, opening up new opportunities. As the internet became available, SR Kruger IT Solutions (PTY) Ltd introduced businesses to email, web-sites and more efficient ways of communicating and transacting business.

Business and economies continue to be transformed by and depend upon information technology. SR Kruger IT Solutions (PTY) Ltd is evolving with these technologies to help its clients prosper by building and maintaining systems that provide efficiencies as well as safeguards, such as systems security and data protection.

Companies today have a lot riding on their IT systems and cannot afford costly mistakes, unexpected problems, and bad advice. SR Kruger IT Solutions (PTY) Ltd has proven repeatedly through its customer-intimate business model that the right IT solution makes all the difference.

The company’s mission of simplifying the use of information technologies in business continues to address the important needs of companies striving to succeed despite global competition and faltering economic conditions. The depth of experience and breadth of knowledge brought by SR Kruger IT Solutions (PTY) Ltd fills a critical need every business has in this information age.

Manuel Kruger
Consumer Engineer (Founder)

Manuel Kruger started working in IT in 1991. He quickly adapted his skills to PC technology from the moment it hit the market. Through employment experience and consulting engagements over the next decade, Manuel established his expertise as a professional business technology integrator. From 1991 to 1993, he led a complete overhaul of a mini-computer-based training facility for Eagle Computer Services.

Shortly thereafter,1993 to 2007, Manuel founded Avanti Commercial Services which provides IT operations and support services to insurance companies such Santam, Miway, Retailers including Edcon, Boardmans, non-profits such as Employment Training Centre (ETC) ,Compassion in Action & CASE, manufacturers including Griptech, MAB One, Tires SOS and scores of other Western Cape businesses in a variety of industries.During the period 2002 to 2007, Manuel also work as a Sales Manager for Incredible Connection always achieving budgets and beyond.

Manuel’s focus during the last 10 years (2007 – 2017) has exclusively been small business IT, primarily businesses with Microsoft-based networks. During that time, he has grown to clearly understand the unique needs of this market, having watched them develop from the time when networks were first beginning to be leveraged, all the way to where we are today. This experience has made him very adept at understanding each business he works with, allowing him to quickly evaluate how they can most effectively leverage and evolve their systems to be more efficient, reliable, and productive.

Sarnel Kruger
Business Systems Analyst (Owner)



We offer the following IT Solutions:

- Hardware & Software Sales
- Network Setup & Support (Wired & Wireless)
- Computer Setup & Support
- Printer Setup & Support
- Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions
- On-site & Off-site Backup Solutions
- VPN/Remote Access Setup
- Server Setup & Support
- Email Setup & Support
- Computer Training (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office)

We offer the following Pastel services:
- Pastel Setup & Support
- Stationery Design (Quote, Invoice, …) & Statement with your company logo
- Data Fixing
- Optimizing your computer system & network to minimize future data corruption
- On-site & Off-site Backup Solutions
- Year End Processing & Procedures
- Pastel Training
- Business Process Analysis
- Printer Setup & Support
- Pastel Point-of-Sale Setup (including Slip Printer, Cash Drawer, Pole Display & barcode scanner)
- Internet Bank Statement Importing

We provide 24×7 support to bring fast resolution to your IT problems, minimizing system downtime.

Web-Based Support:
We provide immediate, real-time assistance to resolve many issues over the internet, remotely connecting to your system to provide a secure and timely resolution.

Phone Support:  Our team is always accessible by phone to handle your issues personally and in a timely manner. 

E-mail Support:  For less urgent issues, we quickly respond to e-mail support requests.  

On-Site Support:   When you prefer to have personnel on-site, we can provide hands-on assistance at your facility for special cases or on a regular basis.  

Client Portal:
Clients are able to create, modify & manage their own service tickets online, and check the status of those tickets at any time.